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AU where Kamui, Kobato, and Kazahaya are a crime solving group of friends. Kobato is heartbroken because all of the bad things that go on in the world, so she decides to organize a competent group of crime fighters to take care of business. Kamui is the first she tries to recruit, but he declines, he has enough of his own without taking care of everyone else’s. You know the little shit would have a Ton of Problems in any au. Dejected, but still determined to win Kamui over to her cause, she leaves him alone for a while and turns to the next person she sees and hey, it’s Kazahaya. He’s skeptical at first, but Kobato is Very Persistent and Convincing and did she mention that they’ll celebrate every ice cream and karaoke and face painting and the satisfaction of a job well done, and Kazahaya is in. “Now you have to help me convince Kamui-san” she says to him, and they spend the rest of the afternoon trailing Kamui and popping up every time he turns a corner all “please, Kamui-san” “It’ll be fun, Kamui-san” “I’ll paint a flower on your cheek after we solve our first crime, Kamui-san” but he keeps rejecting them, though they’re steadily wearing him down.

They finally get him when they catch him getting a stuck kitten down from a tree. Kobato and Kazahaya pounce on him and say he Has to Join Them now and he finally gives in, thus the Solve Crimes and Make the World a Better Place then Celebrate with Ice Cream, Karaoke, and Face Painting Defense Squad(SCMWBPCICKFPDS) is born. Kamui immediately shoots down the name on the basis that it’s too fucking long and telling what they do seems like a Bad Idea, and he suddenly finds himself the unwilling leader of the trio.

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trompe l’oeil painted constructions by ron isaacs


did these in english class hhh funtiems


Arya with her BFF.


i yearbooked

i yearbooked hard

have some pines twins, grades 9-12

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so I was trying to get a ribbon around my little glass yogurt jarand I noticed that it had little dots at the bottomif wide spread dots means barsthen this says SOS in morse codeHUH

so I was trying to get a ribbon around my little glass yogurt jar
and I noticed that it had little dots at the bottom

if wide spread dots means bars
then this says SOS in morse code


This cow is beautiful.


This cow is beautiful.

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"We’re the Invincible Trio!"

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I think around Vento Aureo your brain just deadens itself to all the ridiculous fashion in Jojo’s BIzarre Adventure

Giorno’s got weird man cleavage and ladybug nipple brooches? alright

Mista wears tiger-striped pants and an Aang fanclub hat? okay

Fugo’s swiss cheese suit? fine

Diavolo has polka-dotted hair? sure why not